My top 10 secret iPhone tips

Posted November 24, 2011 in Technology

The big ticket new iOS features are well-publicized (Notification Centre, iMessage, Reminders, iCloud). But I find it’s the little, undocumented (almost secret!) things that make writing and taking photos easier with my iPhone. Here are my fave tips, which should work on any iPhone model from 3Gs forward – so long as you’ve made theMORE

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Is profanity the new eloquence?

Posted November 11, 2011 in Design

“Fuck you Mad Men. Fuck your white male chauvinist and racist story lines.” I’ve been listening to George Lois for almost an hour, pouring out one remarkable anecdote after another from the 1960s trenches of Madison Avenue. His work was provocative and urgent – like when he posed Lieutenant William Calley (about to be convictedMORE

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Less is more … or, short is sweet

Posted November 1, 2011 in Writing

Once upon a time, I was a writer. Or to put it more accurately, I got my start in the communications business as a news writer. And the cardinal rule there was: write a great opening paragraph, answer the 5Ws, then elaborate in an “inverted pyramid” format. Short words, short sentences, short paragraphs. The mainMORE

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What’s the first thing you see? It’s colour

Posted in Design

I once designed a logo for a scientist who is colour blind. Did I pull a fast one and slip him a black-and-white design? Of course not! Colour is emotional. We feel it in a design before we even start looking. It’s so visible, but it’s mostly invisible to our consciousness. We take it forMORE

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